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Stock Indicators

Stock Indicators Explained by TechniTrader®

All stock indicators give information about price or volume behavior, but not all of them are ideal for the same type of price and volume history. Market Conditions change often. When the same indicator that is used during a sideways market is used during a momentum market, false signals appear.


Our Training Video will teach you:

  • Leading vs. Lagging Indicators
  • Why Volume Indicators are more important than Price indicators in our electronic automated marketplace.
  • Introduction to the 5 Essential indicators for consistent success when buying stocks or options.
  • Categories of Indicators and when to use each type.
  • How High-Frequency Trading causes whipsaws in your trades.
  • How to track the giant funds who use Dark Pools.

The 5 Essential Indicators developed by TechniTrader® give leading confirmation signals in all market conditions. In the above online training video, you will learn how to use these indicators and even take away some tips for some tweaks you might apply to your own indicator set.

Watch Video on Leading Hybrid Stock Indicators

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Sometimes just a slight modification of your thinking around indicators and your stock pick selection process is all you need. See what valuable nuggets of investing knowledge you can take away from this online training video. The 5 Essential Indicators were developed over many years of testing, adjusting and adapting to the changing market structure.

They lead price while providing an easy, quick method of choosing the best stocks for investing and trading. Learn how you can streamline and speed up your stock selection process using the 5 Essential indicators.

Register now and start learning how to be consistently successful trading Stocks & Options. And you are welcome to go through our website at your leisure. You find more free training videos, PDFs, and a trader’s wiki packed with helpful information.


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