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TC2000 Scans by TechniTrader

See TechniTrader Customized TC2000 Scans in Action


Now to Use Stock Charting ScansYou will Learn:

1. How to create scans.

2. Personal Criteria to use in scans.

3. Creating scans for your trading style.




This TC2000 Webinar is packed with training on how to optimize your scans for:

Faster Stock Pick Selection | Finding Dark Pool Accumulation | Setting up for HFT Momentum Action | PCF formulas, what is most important | Customizing scans to your trading

Market Condition Analysis was developed by Martha Stokes CMT for TC2000. By using the Power of Worden TC2000 scans, she is able to determine which of the 6 Market Conditions is occurring at this time.

Below is our layout of these scans showing how easy it is to use Market Condition Analysis to know:

  1. What trading style will work best at that time.
  2. What candlestick patterns will be most prevalent and reliable.
  3. How and when to trade and what risk is involved.
  4. Where Dark Pools are accumulating which precedes momentum action.
  5. Where HFTs are active.
  6. Who of the 9 market participants is in control of price.

The numbers in each scan define bias, energy, trend, and other critical factors that help our students know exactly how to trade. To watch a training session on these scans and Market Condition please email for the link.

tc2000 scans by technitrader

List of TC2000 Scans by TechniTrader

Each course comes with its own set of TechniTrader Scans built specifically for the style of trading or focus of the course material. Contact us for more information.

TechniTrader’s Advanced Scans for the ME10 Premier Course:

Market Condition Analysis Scans:

  • Market Condition Momentum Buy Side
  • Market Condition Momentum Sell Side
  • Market Condition Institutional Action
  • Market Condition Bottoming Stocks
  • Market Condition Consolidating Stocks
  • Market Condition Overbought Stocks
  • Market Condition RSI Strength

Swing Style Trading Scans:

  • TT Swing Trade Momentum
  • TT Sell Short Momentum
  • TT Velocity Scan
  • TT Sell Short Overbought
  • TT Option Velocity Scan
  • TT ETF Scan

Position Trading & Long Term Scans:

  • TT Position Consolidating Scan
  • TT Low Priced Stock
  • TT Position Trade Bottom
  • TT Position Large Lot
  • TT Position RSI Scan
  • TT Position Trade Scan
  • TT Options Consolidations

Day Trading or Intraday Trading Style Scans:

  • TT Day Trade Momentum
  • TT Day Sell Short Momentum
  • TT Day Velocity Scan

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