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TechniTrader Market Structure Report

The TechniTrader Market Structure Report

The 2019 Market Structure ReportThe TechniTrader Market Structure Report opens the door to the inside of the financial markets that is invisible to the average investor and retail trader. It gives you critical information so that you understand how the professional side of the market functions and what these changes mean for investing and trading stocks.

Over 80% of all the activity in the stock market and other financial markets occurs on the professional side. Therefore, it is mandatory that all retail investors and traders understand the internal Market Structure that is essentially hidden from them.

Without an understanding of how the Market actually works, retail investors and traders are left to assumptions based on inaccurate information, leaving them vulnerable to scams and hyped investment advice.

The Market Structure is currently undergoing even more internal structural changes than ever before as more financial institutions are changing everything about how they do business. From Cloud computing to pro traders using Augmented Reality, the changes are going to impact retail investors and traders.

There are many new regulations that have given rise to new technology that helps to maintain compliance for the institutions. Changes going on with SEC regulatory oversight, the Consolidated Audit Trail, the proposed Aggregate Display of intelligent tick size and liquidity, the MiFID II regulations, and the fractured market venues, all combine to create an evolving Market Structure that you need to understand to be aware of the hidden risks of certain trading methods, the ever-present legal manipulation of the mindset of the retail investor, and what it all means for trading and investing in the stock market.

The TechniTrader Market Structure Report explains in detail why and how the inner market is changing and what to expect for the next few years. It is updated each year. It includes information that is vital to your ability to adapt with these changes and to be able to use this information to avoid high-risk investments or trades, and give you the opportunity to earn higher Return on Investment (ROI) in the stock market as well as in other financial markets.

This Market Structure Report will forever change how you view the stock market. It is a must-read for anyone who is managing their own stock portfolio and critically vital to retail traders.

Market Structure Report Overview

1. Introduction to the Financial Market Structure
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  • The Inner Workings of the Market
  • Why This Is Important to the Retail Investor and Trader
  • How and Why Market Changes Are Accelerating This Year

2. Overview of the Financial Market Structure
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  • What is the Inner ‘Market Structure’
  • Catalysts for the Major Changes
  • SEC’s Role in Monitoring, Regulating and Controlling These Changes
  • New Regulations that Affect the Professional Side
  • Internal Structural Changes
  • New Technologies Shaping the Future of the Markets
  • Opportunities in the New Market Structure

3. Review of Market Participant Groups
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  • Market Participant Groups, Changes Influencing the Markets
  • Buy Side Institutions vs. Sell Side Institutions, the WAR Continues
  • Certified Financial Analysts vs. Chartered Market Technicians
  • Sell Side Technical Analyst vs. Buy Side Technical Analyst
  • The New Role of Professional Traders
  • HFTs Expanding Role as Liquidity Maker/Takers and Market Makers

4. The Market Structure: How and Why It Is Changing
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  • Global Stock Market Structure
  • Market Participant Changes
    • The Fully Automated Market Maker System
    • Changes to the Order Processing Systems
    • Risk Assessment Models
  • The Impact of These Changes for Retail Traders

5. The US Venues: Dark Pools, ATS, Exchanges
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  • Overview of the US Venues, Fractured Market
  • The Exchanges
  • Changes in Exchange Ownership
  • Alternative Trading Venues, Evolution Continues
  • Changes in Functionality of Exchanges and Other Venues
  • Global Market Impact on US Markets and Venues
  • How Dark Pools Work
  • The Key Market Participants Who Use Dark Pools
  • The Impact of Dark Pools for Exchanges
  • The Impact for Intraday Retail Traders

6. Global Venues & Regulations impact on US markets
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  • European Markets
  • Asian Markets
  • Emerging Markets

7. New Products for Professional Side
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  • New Trading Instruments
  • Derivatives
  • Multi-Leg Multi-Market Orders
  • The Challenge of Digital Ledger Development

8. The Institutions: Who they are, how they trade
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  • The Professional Technical Analyst Roles
  • How Technical Analysis and Fundamentals Affect Institutional Activity
  • How the Institutions Will Reshape the Financial Market Structure

9. Looking Ahead: What the Stock Market will become
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  • The Financial Market Structure, Present and Future
  • Market Structure Changes in 2018–2022
  • The Role of Technical Analysis for the Future

10. New Technology Changes Reinventing the Market
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  • FinTech
  • RegTech
  • Cloud Computing Integration
  • Augmented Reality and Trading
  • Complexity of Orders and Instruments

11. The Future Market Structure Evolution & Change
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  • How the US Markets Will Evolve Over the Next Decade
  • How the Global Markets Will Change Over the Next Decade

12. Summary

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