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TechniTrader Reviews

Martha Stokes CMT, CEO the Co-Founder of TechniTrader


YES, I do see what’s happening thanks to you and your reports. I would hate to be so uninformed and trying to trade the stock market by info. provided by the TV and internet news, talk about confusion!!!

I’m very thankful for your dedication to your students. You don’t make statements without actual knowledge of what you are saying.


– Tony R.


By the way I just started reading the Sector and Industry Report. Martha this is a huge undertaking and your work is sincerely appreciated. Having been a Financial Analyst in a former life, I have some idea of the hours you have put into this piece. Thx. again.

– Lorne I.


I really want to validate Martha for all the incredible job she has been doing and I really love her and Howard for transmitting their knowledge to us. I also really love that all those courses were created out of a purpose to educate and forward true knowledge and experience.

Thank you so much Martha and Howard.

– Patricia D.



You truly are a seasoned, experienced Gifted teacher. Students hear what they want to hear. Thank you for your patience with all the comments you receive, I can imagine what some of them are. Anyway I appreciate ALL you do and look forward to many years of being your student. Your talent is like finding a needle in a haystack, so I’m in for the long haul.


– Tony R.

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I want to thank you for the wonderful training you have given me. While I paid (and am still paying) a significant amount for it, the results have shown it is well worth it – in fact, a bargain. I have been actively trading for about 4 months now and just made my most significant gain yet. It was a DOOZIE! I realize, as you have oft repeated, it is not the stock or my move, but the market and timing. In addition, by following your training, I have had very few losses and those have been very minimal. A lot of my friends are so afraid of the stock market – they simply don’t understand it. And of course, I tell them about your training.

This particular stock was on one of my watchlists and the day before earnings release, I bought 500 shares with the simulator. The next day it gapped up significantly. I still saw potential after the gap and bought 200 shares with one of my retirement accounts. Today, after only a few days of being in the trade, I sold SAM making 14 plus points on a fairly pricey (to me) stock. I decided to stay in on the simulator and set my stops for swing style and will see where it rides (If I were to sell today I would have realized 27 points in a week!). We’ll see where this thing goes. But, now to look for other similar opportunities. They are there. I just need to find them and patiently wait for the right time.

Again, thank you so much for the GREAT education – from someone who knew practically nothing about the stock market 8 months ago before I signed up for the ME10 Course! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

All the best,

– Mike N.


Thank You Martha! I could not have done it without you and your team’s guidance. Mele has been a great source of support and help as well!

At first I did not believe having a 75% success rate was possible, however if you stick to it and go back and study and re-study and really apply yourself you can come out on the other side! I’ll be taking the options course next, just so I can mix them in to my trading when the market condition allows.

Having taken other courses and subscriptions before coming to TechniTrader, I do believe your depth of knowledge and understanding is unparalleled. The best part for me is to finally have some solid understanding of what is happening and why instead of feeling dumbfounded and overwhelmed and confused. I have not found that anywhere else.

– Pomy B.



Methodology Essentials Position Trading Edition

Dear Martha,

I am really getting into gear with the ME10 Position trading course.

I am a “veteran” beginner trader…  Over the last 9 years, I have completely squandered tens of thousands of hard earned money.    I did this by taking every course that came by, and by being in the markets hen I had absolutely no business doing so…  Completely impulsive, undisciplined, etc…  The worst you can imagine.  Only I still have some money left to invest.    I do have a decent 401k Plan at work that is untouchable, thank goodness!

TechniTrader is really what I have been looking for!   I have used MetaStock for years, so getting up to speed with the scans, etc., has been painless and fast as can be. What I see unfolding before me is a highly structured, systematic, very-well-thought-out method that can be very easily translated into a customizable investing/trading plan.  The whole thing is brilliant, the calculators, forms, software (scans, indicators), all of it.   

I am so tired of trying to figure it out by myself (inventing my own indicators, trying to cobble together my own systems, etc., trying to figure out who I can trust, etc.). I know I am 100% responsible for what I do and what I have done, but I do feel like I am not completely alone, and that these tools are truly fantastic. 

The customer support, coursework, website, instructional materials, etc., are the best I have seen.  I have to admit I was skeptical coming into TechniTrader, but know now that this is the smartest thing I have done in a very long time.   I no longer can afford to be ‘shooting from the hip’ (impatient, impulsive trading, not being disciplined, trying to get rich quick, etc.) so have to proceed with great caution.  I know I am finally in the right place.

I cannot thank you and your staff enough for putting all of this together.

I am very confident I will be consistently successful as a result!  

Most Sincerely,

– James K.

Houston, TX


Hello Martha:

Just a quick note to say hello and let you know I’ve completed the TechniTrader Methodology Study Course & How to Position Trade.

My husband and I took the courses together. We have our own office space, computers, my track account and all necessary online trading tools. We bounced information and questions off each other which really helped us clear up a lot of questions.

Also, my brother, who completed the course approx 4 years ago, started trading, making money and decided to retire early convinced me that this was something I wanted to be a part of.

My brother has been our own personal trading instructor. We scheduled every Wednesday for web conferences and he made himself available for guidance and questions. His help has kept us focused and on the right path, avoiding a lot of pitfalls and mistakes. Keeping us focused is what he did best.

As I continue to practice, I’ve decided that I am both a position trader, studying fundamentals over the weekend and selecting stocks for my watch list by Sunday night and swing trading through the week looking for buy signals for next day orders. It seems to be working. I currently have 4 practice position trades in the money which I do weekly maintenance and search for swings through the week.

Thanks so much for the training. The video’s, booklets, worksheets and customer service is all set up for an excellent learning experience.

Trading wisely!

– Olivia M.


Dear Martha, Howard, and the rest of the awesome TechniTrader Team,

Thank you so much for the incredible and ongoing education you provide. I took the Methodology and Position courses, and paper-traded for about eight months. This past October I went live, and I’m up about $3,300. I’m winning 63% of my trades, and am working to get that percentage to 75%-80%. My dollar gain/loss ratio is about 3:1, which makes me happy. But the main thing is, the money truly is not important. Trading well is everything, and that is what you’ve taught me. Everything I’ve learned in the courses, lab classes, and daily e-mails bears out in the real world of the market. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were all psychic. What you are is smart and generous. I just received the Indicator course, and can’t wait to devour it.

Also, I have to say that having reviewed the Methodology Course 4 or 5 times now, every time I view it I catch something I missed before. Literally. You can’t watch those DVD’s too many times. There is so much in there. My family is now on the get-rich-slowly-but-surely plan thanks to you all, and you’ve done nothing less than handed us the keys to the kingdom of freedom. I can’t thank you enough.

Sincerely yours,

– Sparky M.

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Methodology Essentials Options Edition

The Options Trading course cleared up a lot of misconceptions for me. I learned there is no need to fear Long Calls or Long Puts because the same technical analysis we learned in ME10 is still relevant. I also learned to stop gambling by buying way out of the money options.

Second biggest learning was there is no need for the other fancy option plays and by the way I have tried most of them: Long Call Spread, Long Put Spread, Iron Condor, Calendar, Diagonals, Credit Spreads and repairing trades. The commissions add up too.

There are many who have done well with fancy spreads and repairing trades. I’m happy with the simple long call and long puts now that I have completed the Trading Options course.

– Tyrone P.


I have finally completed the (TechniTrader Options Trading: Complete Methodology for Options) course. Please send me the settings and calculator. I subscribe to TC2000, so assume you will provide settings in a Club.

The new Options course was an improvement of the previous Options Essentials 20 Course, and was much “fresher” and better produced. I enjoyed the course!


– Philip F.


Hi All,

Can you send me the (TechniTrader Options Course) Calculator and the Tools?
The course was very helpful for my Options Trading.

Thanks for the great courses.

Warmest Regards,

– Edward B.


I thought you might like to know that in the past I have spent a fortune and a great deal of time trying to get a grasp on options and always felt like I was still swimming around in the dark. But this course has made complete sense to me and all the missing links and questions have been answered. There is so much “hype” around options, and as a novice you don’t know who to believe and you find yourself spending a lot of money only to end up more confused. Martha and Howard have put everything into a solid perspective and have given me a solid foundation where I can practice and improve, knowing that I am on the right track. In the end I learnt the “Greeks” but am so relieved to learn it is an imperfect science and it is the tactical approach that brings all the success. So many thanks to Martha and Howard and all the team. You have certainly taken out all that frustrating mystery in learning how to trade options wisely.

Best wishes,

– Kaaren W.

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Investment & Retirement Course


The lesson to be learned is to stick with positive guidance. Ambiguous guidance can nonetheless lead to not only continued rise, but substantial rises.
I love this course!! Amazing! Of course, I have a better appreciation after several years of indoctrination !

– Gordon


Good afternoon,

Just wanted to let you know that I have completed Investment / Retirement Course. Have to say that I thought this was one of the better ones I’ve taken….got a lot out of it and really hope / trust / expect that I will be able to put it to good use.

There is a lot of information and while I am comfortable with the material it does seem a bit daunting putting it all together and making it work…the theory is great..just feel shaky about the implementation.

Meantime look forward to seeing the templates and any comments that you have or suggestions along the way. I am still using TC2000 as my charting software.

Many thanks,

– Ian MacP.

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DGMC Course Review

Hi Mele,

I spent the weekend devouring the (TechniTrader Definitive Guide to Market Corrections) DGMC course. The course brought a lot of clarity and confidence in believing what the charts show for the downtrend.

I was one of those who got caught up in the false runs, only to see the run end as a lower low in the downtrend. I think I will probably do better in a market correction than I do with a market uptrend. I’ll know better as I paper trade.

The DGMC (a Selling Short Course) is a great course!

– Tyrone P.

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Indicators Study Courses

Hi Mele,

The (Bollinger Bands® Online Indicator Study) course was great, and did help explain why I wasn’t as successful with Bollinger Bands as I could have been.

I have gravitated to the hybrid indicator, with the ChiOsc as primary and the Bollinger Bands as secondary. That indicator allows me to see volume leading price much easier..

Great course and I am glad I took it.

– Tyrone P.

Faculty of TechniTrader:

I have been studying The Definitive Guide to Stock Indicators which arrived a few days ago and I wish to express my appreciation for it. The course was superb and the added touch of providing the DVDs and updated copy of the guide book is once again an example of the unequaled education by TechniTrader. These come to us without additional charge. I’ve got to love you guys.

I can go over and over these lessons until I have them firmly in my mind. From the book and the DVD’s into my mind is the goal. I am doing just that. As far as I know nobody has ever done as comprehensive a job of stock market investment education as you have. I wish I would have had it years ago. I would be in much better shape today.

Thanks a million,

– Jim K.

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TechniTrader Support Staff Review

Hi Mel,

I was listening to a presentation of an educational company, and listening to his presentation regarding patterns and probabilities and his explanation of how accumulation takes place within a bottoming formation. I am amazed at the difference in the levels of understanding of the mechanics of what’s taking place. I know I’ve mentioned it before but I want to reiterate how your and Martha’s knowledge has given me a newfound feeling of optimism regarding my ability to read a chart. Thanks again.


– Brian O.


I have been a TechniTrader Student for over 10 years, and it was the best decision I have made in my investing and trading education. This is an outstanding company!

Martha and the dedicated staff have always gone over and above every step of the way as I advanced through my training. TechniTrader is truly the Gold Standard in Stock Market Education.

If you are considering starting with the TechniTrader Methodology Course…just do it!

You will not regret it!

– David S.


Just a note to compliment you (TechniTrader Staff) on your service. The package was just delivered to my door, and as stated by you there was no duty owed. When I opened the (TechniTrader Swing Trading) course material, it felt like I was a student who’s teacher wanted total preparation for the learning journey and took care of everything.

Kind Regards,

– Catherine W.B.Sc.



Articles, Blogs & Radio Shows

I would just like to say thank you to Martha for putting the radio podcast out on Cryptocurrencies, she has set the record straight in my mind.

Kind Regards,

– Vivien D.


Hi Martha,

I found something interesting this morning online. I skim yahoo finance and others once in a while to see what kind of articles are written. I don’t heed anything that any of them say, I have learned to completely ignore them and go with what you have taught. One article did catch my eye, and I thought I would pass it along. Friday you had in the morning report the inflow of money, and this morning I found an article that said 30 billion has been pulled out of the stock market in the last 10 weeks. It had a video along with it with dramatic music and all, almost a fear mongering video, and I really thought about how much you look out for us in the information that you share. Thanks for the truth, that word is hard to find these days. I got to be honest, finding you years ago is the third best thing I have found in my life. Finding the Lord, then my wife, then you are all impacting my life in such tremendous ways. There’s a lot of “fake news” all over these websites too. Thanks for who you are and helping us. What a world of deception out there all over the place.

– Roger M.


I appreciated and enjoyed Martha Stokes’ article, “The Alter Ego of Swing Trading” of the May 2017 issue of Stocks & Commodities. I look forward to more articles from Martha Stokes CMT in the future, perhaps on her approach “Relational Analysis.”


– Charles E.

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TechniTrader Webinars & Seminars

I have to say … I am so glad I attended the recent SMS webinar. It gave me insight on a couple positions I had! I day traded the positions to get out the positions and it saved me a nice chunk of change! Thank You!! Martha I am so thankful I found your school online! My loss of work that was so unexpected only to find your school has given me hope! I feel blessed.

Thank You again,

– David V.


Hi Mel,

I had some error with Google Calendar and Time Zones, however I was able to attend after all. It was one of the BEST SMS SESSIONS I”VE ATTENDED and I’m really pumped up about the Sector Course soon to begin. Please pass this on to Martha.

Thank you,

– David S.



Thank you for your analysis of the Oil Industry – incredibly insightful!

Before TechniTrader under another training program, I had made some trades in upstream and downstream companies based on moving averages and a gut feeling about the movement of oil prices. I could discern that a relationship between the companies and the commodity existed, but I never really quite understood why. You really put a spotlight on the subject and provided a text book understanding, top to bottom and start to end.

It was a very easy decision for my wife and I to become TechniTrader Students based on the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom that is evident throughout all of the program offerings. If I have a trade that goes well, I know why. If I have a trade go against me, I know why and more importantly I can actually learn from the experience.

Please extend my appreciation to the rest of the Staff whose contribution to the TechniTrader products, support and services have been nothing short of excellent!

Thank you!

Best regards,

– Tony S.

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TechniTrader Subscriptions


Thanks very much for your work on the numbers you present in your DME’s, PTW’s and others. Wonderful insight into what makes a market!

Not just for the numbers on the population but for the labor force, participation rate and so forth, and so on but with all the topics of concern.

Very informative! Best of all, they are presented in a fashion that is understandable.

– Ernest A.



Your DME’s and morning reports are wonderful. I have not been through a bear, so this is new to me. I appreciate you and all that you do for us, and the vital info you share.

Thank you!!

– Roger M.


I really enjoy Martha (Martha Stokes CMT) talking about the great traders of the world (TechniTrader Daily Market Educator student support publication).

– Bud V.



You (Martha Stokes CMT) are the BEST Teacher in the entire world.

Thanks for that DME (TechniTrader Daily Market Educator student support publication), WOW!!!

– Tony R.


Please send my thanks to Martha (Martha Stokes CMT) for today’s DME (TechniTrader Daily Market Educator student support publication). Her ability to describe the obstacles we all face as traders is spot on.


– Brian O.


By the way just wanted to say that the (TechniTrader Daily Market Educator subscription publication) DME is a work of art, what awesome knowledge.

You guys are incredible!!!

– Tony R


Hi Mele,

Regarding DME (recent TechniTrader Daily Market Educator subscription publication) and many others. This one is only one more example after many before. It has been quite a while ago I’m about to tell you this: Very sincerely congratulations for the excellent analysis you keep doing for the subscriptions. I will be happy if they become more frequent.

Your comments are always concise and at the same time very efficient showing the rationality of your analyses and decisons, allowing us the students to easier understand and frame into the context of the concepts we have been learning.

It is very rare to find profound knowledge together with the ability to communicate it simply and clearly.

I used to call it “make the difficult look easy and clear.” This is the last stage of knowledge for teaching, and as you probably know it is not so common as many people think. Together with TechniTrader “learn by doing” methodology over every day Stock Market real cases, it is the secret of success and the best we can expect.

At the beginning of my contact with TechniTrader, I think I told my main goal after retiring from a long and very active professional life, was to find something interesting and stimulating to be busy. Three years after I’m happy with my choice, keep on having a lot of fun, and I feel proud to be able to make some money with this my new activity which was not my first goal.

Thank you for that and keep on.

Have a nice day,

– Rui T. C.


I just wanted to say thank you for the (TechniTrader Daily Market Educator subscription publications) DME’s last week, regarding my questions about big down days and the Financial Choice Act.

I found them very informative and helpful, and I’m sure a lot of others students did as well.

– John L.



Thanks for the (Daily Market Educator subscription publication) DME today. I can see how some people would have gotten on your case, especially those who haven’t been with you as long as I have.

I appreciate you summarizing things like you do, after watching and anticipating how things might go and then seeing how they did go, and then what to anticipate next.

I was hoping for a Trading Range (Market Condition) which is what happened rather than a correction. But at this point it really doesn’t matter what happens to the overall market because you have taught me how to read the signs along the way, and to be prepared for the possibilities but not to be able to predict it.

I am also learning to be so much more calm about the trades I am making. It won’t be long before I go live again.

– Mike N.


Hi Mele,

I want to thank you for the excellent (Daily Market Educator subscription publication) DME and (Position Trader’s Weekly subscription publication) PTW. It is so very helpful to see exactly what kind of charts you choose for your watchlist, your analysis, and how you choose entry and stop points.

By studying these charts it really helps reinforce the correct decisions I make, and conversely helps to clarify areas in which I need to go a little deeper in my analysis. Sometimes it is hard to see exactly what you and (Martha Stokes CMT) Martha see when charts are presented without exact numbers, because as Students our analytical skills aren’t as developed.

Although all of the DME’s are very helpful this one was especially so, and I hope to see more like this in the future.


– Dave W.


That was the best (TechniTrader Daily Market Educator subscription publication) DME I ever read.

Thank you,

– Thomas N.


Hi Cheryl!

You are like the Visa ad when they end the presentation with “priceless!”

You are that! Thank you for all your help!

Have a great day!

– Johnny H.


Hi Martha,

Thank you so much for putting together this (TechniTrader Daily Market Educator subscription publication) DME and connected Homework!

These have “FAR REACHING EFFECTS” on my personal knowledge and understanding of the Stock Market and my trading skills. When you come out with these Homework assignments that are concurrent with the real time Live Market Conditions, I get VERY inspired to study and analyze this data until I understand it.

I feel like I’m not missing out on anything I need to know. Mostly I feel like I’m not “Blinded to what is going on in the Background” so I don’t miss out on the current Market Condition Move and WHY it’s happening like it is.

Big Shout Out to YOU “Teach”

– Tony R.


I have been a part of your (Daily Market Educator publication) subscriptions services for a while now, and want to say that while I enjoy them all today’s was superb!

Thank you. Getting some feedback on the rest of the (Methodology Essentials Standard Course ME10 DVDS) tape is so helpful and at least from my perspective …I’m sure I’m not alone…I really appreciate that kind of learning help. I love the markets, fascinating stuff.

Keep it coming 🙂

Kindest regards,

– Ian M.


Thanks (Martha Stokes CMT) for the watch lists in the (Daily Market Educator student support subscription publication) DME today, and all the work going into it. I was happy to see I have some of these on my existing watch lists, and will see which others from the list to add. I am looking for Swing (Trading), Position (Trading), and Selling Short so these will be great.

Have a great evening,

– Paul T.


Hello Mele,

Just a little note to say thanks for the lessons and the daily analysis for my subscription. On my paper trading account for TechniTrader I have been successful on 11 out of 14 trades, 2 trades of which I didn’t even purchase. It has been since August of 2016, when I started that phase of the (TechniTrader Methodology Essentials Standard Course) ME10 course. Although $48,899 realized on only paper, it gives me added confidence to take it live. I also want to thank Martha (Martha Stokes CMT) for her early on bringing up Regional Banks, I researched various ones. I did use my live account to purchase an Regional ETF and did well.

Thank You very much for all your hard work!

– Steve G.

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TechniTrader Student Support


Please know that your efforts are extremely appreciated by me. I am very thankful to have you as my teacher. Your knowledge is so valuable and your willingness to extend it to your students is truly a gift. The stock market is a fascinating thing with so much depth and width to it. Your experience is so vast. I just can’t thank you enough for your efforts every day, day in and day out you’re Rock Solid. I personally pray for your health and strength to continue for many years. You are a rare find!!! Thank You for ALL you do.

I’m gaining and building in my ability every day. What an awesome way to prosper!!!

Blessing to you and yours.

– Tony R.



I also wanted to thank you and Mel for your support and kindness, and please tell Martha how grateful I am for having her as a teacher in such a complex, challenging, instigating and subtle field as the Stock Market.

Thanks to her teachings I am doing very well and managed to recover what I lost with the funds in 2009 (thanks to my ignorance at that time).

Thanks again.

All the best,

– Sinibaldo G.


Hi Mel!

This Student Scholar report (TechniTrader student support publication for August) hits home to me, because I’m in the IT space and I am a huge cloud proponent since 2012.

I understand the cloud from the perspective of IT consumption, capability consumption, and how IT is becoming a service and when you look at the capabilities that were once the domain of IT that are now done as a service.

Look at the various capabilities offered as a service. We now have: Online learning, HR, IT, Call Center, Banking, and more.

Once again TechniTrader is providing timely information.

-Tyrone P.



I just want to thank you for taking the time to answer all the questions I have thrown at you the last few weeks. I have been stuck and you have opened up my understanding to some of my stumbling blocks. I know it’s your job but you are helping me so much, and it’s going to have a massive effect on my future. It just means so much to have someone to help when I’m struggling.

I told my wife the other day that I can see why basically all retail traders just never get anywhere because they can never clear any hurdles. I kind of feel sorry for them. Martha has been a fantastic teacher and you have been so awesome in extending your knowledge. Sometimes I feel like a dummy but it’s part of the process.

Appreciate you!

– Roger M.


Hi Mele,

Thank you for your great write up on NVS (in the Daily Market Educator subscription publication). We are so lucky to have you helping us to understand how all the conditions interact, and at the depth that you explain them. You are truly remarkable.

– Chris M.


Hello Mele,

Just a little note to say thanks for the lessons and the daily analysis for my subscription. On my paper trading account for TechniTrader I have been successful on 11 out of 14 trades, 2 trades of which I didn’t even purchase. It has been since August of 2016, when I started that phase of the (TechniTrader Methodology Essentials Standard Course) ME10 course. Although $48,899 realized on only paper, it gives me added confidence to take it live. I also want to thank Martha (Martha Stokes CMT) for her early on bringing up Regional Banks, I researched various ones. I did use my live account to purchase an Regional ETF and did well.

Thank You very much for all your hard work!

– Steve G.


Hope you don’t mind me telling you my course has arrived and the Student Wiki has excellent information. I also read the Market Structure Report. The report was excellent and an eye opener, and helped to address one of many mistakes I have been making.

I’m on the road to becoming a Semi-Professional!


Tyrone P.


To the entire TechniTrader team,

I would like to take a moment from my hectic schedule and thank all of those people that were literally with me during this entire rocky year. I can tell you it was not pretty out there this year but with your help I was able to keep my head above the water.

Best wishes,

– Misak B.



Today saw a net gain of 7 points. Highest day ever for me. Neat. My stop losses have been adjusted. It is simply NEAT to reap some returns/rewards. Finally!

Thank you for your continued help and guidance. This could be a fun (yet disciplined) way to make some money. Eventually I will venture into the higher price range (as well as added shares), but for now, I am still getting comfortable with this business.

– Harry S.

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