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Volume Indicators Explained

The Best Volume Indicators Training Webinar


TechniTrader - Volume Indicators Explained

In this TRAINING WEBINAR, you will learn:

  • Why volume is as important as price analysis.
  • What is Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) and how to use it.
  • An Introduction to Volume Oscillators.
  • On-Balance Volume (OBV) and how and when to use this volume line indicator.
  • Combination volume and price-based indicators.
  • Histogram volume and how to optimize it for your trading style.
  • Analyzing volume on different timeframes.

Who Will Benefit from This Training:

  1. Swing or Day Traders.
  2. Position Traders.
  3. Beginners and Novice Traders.
  4. Career Traders who want additional profits.

This training webinar is packed with information about all the different volume indicators you will find in your charts. Volume is a key factor in trading success. Learning how to use it optimally is just one click away. Watch this Training Webinar now and discover what has been missing in your stock pick analysis.

Why Volume Leads Price

Volume is the total number of shares traded over a certain period of time. This tells you how much trading occurred in a stock or other investment vehicle over a day, a week, or a month.

Volume first became an important indicator when Joseph Granville wrote the On-Balance Volume indicator, the first line indicator for volume designed for long-term analysis. A Volume histogram, aka volume bars, are ideal for short-term trading.

The relational values between candlestick patterns and volume patterns provide vast insights into who is controlling price and whether there are Dark Pool institutions quietly accumulating or quietly distributing the stock WITHOUT moving price.

That is the conundrum for all traders. If price is not moving, but giant lots are buying, which happens all the time in the modern Market Structure, then using only price indicators will not reveal the most important market participants until it is too late.

Now is your chance to learn the 5 Volume patterns that form most often in charts. Watch the Volume Indicators Training Webinar now, and be sure and take plenty of notes.